Centrally located with an eclectic mix of architecture, Tarrytown is brimming with ambiance and convenience. This captivating neighborhood is home to just over 16,000 residents including families of all ages.

Tarrytown is made up of cottages to large houses ranging in price anywhere from $400,000 to $3,000,000. In addition there are condominiums and duplexes.

Yards tend to be small as well as the more moderately priced homes however, residents choose this neighborhood due to its close proximity to downtown and its family-friendly atmosphere which is supported by a neighborhood elementary school, local grocery, West Austin Youth Association, and an old-fashioned Tarrytown center.

Run an errand anywhere in this neighborhood and you are bound to know several people by their first name.

Hot Spots: Hula Hut, Magnolia Cafe, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Schools these students attend: Casis Elementary, O.Henry Middle School, Austin High School

Outdoor activities: Mayfield Preserve, Laguna Gloria, Reed Park, Deep Eddy

Price Range: $422,500 – $3,950,000

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