“He really makes people feel welcomed and a part of Austin.”

Hear what others have to say about Darin Walker and their experience working with his group.

“If you are fortunate enough to be shopping for a luxury home, I don’t need to tell you that you need a specialist who covers your area of interest. Darin is a lifelong resident of the Westlake area and knows the backstory behind virtually every luxury home. This saves you time and increases your chances of finding a suitable match. After years of searching on our own, we found our dream home quickly by working with Darin! It would never have happened without his expertise and insight. He took the time to listen to what we wanted (and importantly what we didn’t want) and took the stress out of the home buying process for us in a huge way. If you need to renovate, Darin is very connected within the community and will share his contacts in architecture, construction, financing and design. Darin is an extremely hard worker; however, he does not take himself seriously. What could be a tense experience is made even better by someone who truly enjoys his work. Go and see Darin, at worst you will make a new friend!”

Dave and Joyce Dormady

911 Terrace Mountain Dr

“Darin Walker is a lifelong veteran of West Lake Hills. He and his family currently reside in the same community. Additionally, he serves an elected position on the City of West Lake Hills council. He cares deeply about the territory that he sells, that’s evident. Couple his deep rooted relationships in the community for pocket listings with working in one of the top real estate firms in Austin, Kuper Sotheby’s, and you have the ideal broker. Additionally, his negotiation and client representation is beyond fair and has earned a reputation among brokers who, upon hearing his name, are confident that honesty and integrity will be a non-issue in transacting real estate. In conclusion, Darin is a committed FULL time broker who has the integrity and the knowledge of the area he represents and therefore a stellar reputation in the Austin real estate market.”

Dr. Cedric Dupont

203 Wildcat Hollow

“My husband and I had been looking for a home for almost two years when we began working with Darin. It was immediately obvious that Darin was head and shoulders above the other realtors we had worked with. We had been scooped and bid up several times on other houses, so we were keen to have access to homes before they hit the market. Darin’s ability to deliver on this was highly impressive. He brought us close to a dozen homes before they came on the market (sometimes weeks ahead of time) in the highly competitive areas of Westlake.

Lauren Martin

108 West Spring Drive

“Darin Walker is the ultimate professional. He is a tough negotiator and was assertive in finding solutions as challenges came up in the sale and purchase process. Thanks to Darin, I had 10 offers, most over the list price, in less than 3 days on the home I was selling! He also coordinated simultaneous closings that went very smoothly. Darin is a great asset to Moreland Properties.”

Dr. Casey McCreary

“Darin was the 3rd realtor we used. No comparison. Head and shoulders above the others. Austin is SO competitive for real estate, we needed someone with Darin’s knowledge, relationships, and intelligence. He’s a pro among amateurs.”

Luke Schneider

CEO, Silvercar

“What we have found in Darin is someone with deep local roots who can passionately represent Austin to new employees.”

Ty Garibay

VP of Embedded Processing – Altera

“Darin Walker is the hardest working real estate professional in the business. He combines smart efforts, helpful relationships, and hard work to consistently deliver on his commitments. He makes the process and effort enjoyable to participate in.”

Jeff Lamkin

Cinnamon Shore, Port Aransas, TX


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