Barton Creek is located in the very scenic ‘Hill Country’ area, southwest of downtown Austin. This area is very central with an approximate 20 minute drive to the center of the city. Barton Creek covers a large geographic area and has multiple exclusive and gated communities within it’s boundaries. This area and offers amazing views, multiple golf courses, the Barton Creek itself, the Barton Creek Country Club and Resort, St. Gabriel’s Catholic School, St. Michael’s Academy and the Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church.

About Barton Creek

While Barton Creek hosts several of Austin’s best recreational spots. Notably, the Barton Creek Resort & Spa offers one of the finest places to relax. The Barton Creek Country Club offers top notch golf and a great community hub for residents.


Barton Creek Neighborhoods

For a centralized area, Barton Creek has a host of subdivision and luxury condo communities within it’s boundaries. Located along major thoroughfares of Barton Creek Blvd. and Lost Creek Blvd., the many subdivisions of Barton Creek each offer their own amenities and luxuries. Subdivisions include: Barton Creek Terrace, Watersmark at Barton Creek, The Ridge at Barton Creek, The North End at Barton Creek, The Woods at Barton Creek, The Foothills at Barton Creek, Governor’s Hill, Marquis, Querencia, Wimberley, The Estates at Barton Creek, Calera Drive, Calera Court, Escala, Mirador, and Amarra Drive.


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